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Nov. 9th, 2016

rollingheart: (Looking Back)
I had no clue running up to the election yesterday who would win. Both sides seemed especially motivated and loud. The final numbers seem to bear this out with (at least around here) the many close races. I am glad that I was able to "vote my conscience" and still not have a Clinton in the White House. I intensely dislike Trump, but I think he's more likely to do the right thing than Clinton. Here's to hoping he surrounds himself with good advisors and a qualified cabinet.

Then there's the aftermath today. I've mainly looked only at Tumblr, which is SJW-central. Oh, they talk like Trump is going to come personally execute each and every one of them. I'm seeing posts about how all of the pet groups (LGBT, Muslims, etc) are going to be persecuted, how they are all fearful of life now, etc. I just...Look, Trump is an asshole, but he's not Hitler. You might want to learn not lap up everything the media tells you about the opposition (OR your fav candidate). They make you see what they want you to see by carefully trimming sound bites and presenting the worst side of the opposition...while making sure their fav looks amazing at all times. Grain of salt. HUGE grain of salt.

As a Christian, I choose to have faith that God is ultimately in control, not ONE person in the office of the President of the United States. Hell, the Senate and the House are more important than he is. Even so...My happiness and joy does not depend on the changing goons in charge.


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